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Inappropriate billing of corporate clients

August, 2018

Dear Valued Customers,

Thank you for using Yamato Home Convenience. Unfortunately due to we take the result of this survey seriously and the recommendations from the investigation committee and reexamines the compliance with all of our moving services provided by our company.
For not compliant service, we will be temporarily suspending our new orders for single-person moving and family type moving services including those for individual customers until the redesign of products that can comply with the clause was completed, and decided to dispose of this situation.
Betraying the trust of our corporate clients and customers who used the services of the Yamato Group, and stakeholders. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and worries caused by this action.
For future details, we will upload the day later.
Thank your for your patience and understanding during this time and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Chika Kinoshita.
Customer coordinator
E-mail: y5229016@kuronekoyamato.co.jp

Yamato Home Convenience Co. Ltd.
Customer Satisfaction Promotion Department@

Family moving

Expedient and economical moving which reducing both the time and the effort

Offering simple and convenient Family moving at great prices matching your lifestyle, needs and the budget.

With our selectivity order system you can choose only the services you require

The basic service is the necessary minimum. All of the other services are optional and available on request, ensuring that you do not waste your money. First of all, please tell our experienced move adviser with your request, and you will be offered the plan that matches your needs best.

Basic service + Optional service

Normal life at the new home right on the next day!

Our company's staff will take care of setting up the television and the washing machine! If you want to use them right after moving, just tell us and we will do the rest.

  • If any additional parts are required to attach the television or the washing machine, you will be charged the price separately.
  • If there is a need to attach antennas to the television set or another similar device, or when mounting parts or electric work are required, you will be charged additional fees.
  • For installation or removal of air-conditioners please use our optional services.

Making things quick and simple by deviding delivery!

During the period of less than seven days from the day your luggage was carried out, you can move the date of delivery to the new house to both earlier and later dates.

It is very convenient to move the dates of delivery!

Ensuring you have the life space needed by sending what is needed most first!

You can send the belongings you have already packed beforehand.

Sending the things you need to stay the night at the new house first!

Saving the money you would have used to stay at a hotel.

Reducing the annoyances of unpacking by sending some of your belongings later.

This way you can reduce the annoyances of unpacking a lot of packages at once, ensuring you have the space to arrange your belongings at the new house.

How it works


Preliminary meeting

We calculate the amount of household articles and propose the move plan matching your needs.


Preparation of materials

We deliver the packing materials to you in advance.


Carrying out of the household articles

We make sure that we take utmost care when handling your valuable baggage.



We drive very safely taking care that your valuable baggage is not damaged on the way.



We protect doors, floors, walls, so that the new house is not damaged when we carry in your belongings.


Carrying in and installation of household goods

We carefully carry in the baggage and place the household articles according to your wishes.



Yamato's experienced staff sets up your television set and the washing machine for you. You can go on with your usual life right away.


Pick up of
packing materials

After you are finished with unpacking, our staff will come and take away the cardboard boxes you do not need.

  • This service is available 3 times within one month after moving.

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