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Single-person moving

Simple and convenient! Pay by box if you don't have much to move just as if you were using Ta-Q-Bin! A great service for singles. Highly recommended to those moving with just a few belongings!

Note 1 : Applications for this service are accepted only from the Japanese website. (However, the input is only in Japanese, and the handling in Japanese is a condition for the pickup and delivery.)For inquiries in English, please use the inquiry form.
Note 2 : Please be advised we will not be able to accept same day delivery and pickup orders.
Note 3 : Please prepare packing materials and packing for small items by yourself in advance. (Please pack it in a cardboard box in advance.)
Note 4 : We accept for the pickup and delivery only a part of city and ward area.

Recommended to customers who are moving with little baggage

Those who start living alone or in a lodging house after entering a university or a college, or those who are going back home after graduation or return to the countryside.

Singles moving to a new place.

People who start working and move to live alone near the place of the new employment.

Business bachelors and people who is moving closer to the new place.

  • Standard type

  • This service uses a dedicated box to transport, as opposed to a general moving in which trucks are chartered.
  • Internal dimensions of the box: 1.04m x 1.04m x 1.70m = 1.83m3
  • You can choose up to 2 boxes according to the amount of your household goods, so this service is perfect for customers with small amounts of household goods.
  • You can pay the cost based on your box used.
  • The load quantity that can be loaded into one box is given as a rough indication. Depending on the shape of your baggage, there may be cases when the above amount of baggage cannot be fit in one box.

Reliable combination of personal boxes and Ta-Q-Bin for household articles: ensuring no money is wasted!

  • The service is highly reliable as we handle parcel of each customer individually in personal boxes.
  • And if the parcel does not fit into the personal box, simply combine it with our Ta-Q-Bin for household articles making sure no space is wasted.

Selectable time range of delivery

  • You can choose visiting time zone from the following three time zones with charge.
    8a.m. - 12p.m.
    12p.m. - 15p.m.
    15p.m. - 18p.m.
    Not specified (8a.m. - 18p.m.)

General points of attention

  • Additional fee of 1,100 yen (after-tax price) will be added for each time range selected per pick up and/or delivery.
  • If pick up or delivery date falls on the busy season (3/20 - 4/10), additional fee of 5,500 yen (after-tax price) will be added for every box.
  • If the working day is a Saturday, Sunday, or a National Holiday, 2,200 yen (after-tax price) will be added for every box per pick up date and delivery date.
  • If both Saturday/Sunday/National Holiday charges and seasonal charges are applicable, both will be added.

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