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Tip of attention

The services are available only when all of the following conditions are satisfied.

  • 1. When the article satisfies the two following conditions:
    • a. The sum total of three sides, that is, height + width + depth, is less than 450cm.
      Please note that in either of the following cases, delivery may take longer than usual:
      • (1) The sum total of three sides is 350cm or more.
      • (2) The longest side is 180cm or more.
      • (3) In cases of articles, which cannot be put on the side or turned over with width of 104cm or more.
    • b. The weight of the article is within the limits of what can be carried by two people (around 100kg).

Rank assessment standard

  • 1. If either of the sides is not flat, the longest three sides are measured.

  • 2. Each of the products forming a set (a television set and its television stand, a reception furniture suite, a dining room furniture set, etc.) will be measured separately with separate fees calculated for each.
    • In cases of articles that can be folded up, rank assessment will be made in the folded up state.
      (Examples: folding beds, collapsible folding bicycles, etc.)
    • Even if you purchased the products together as a set such as an air-conditioner (an interior unit and an exterior unit) or a studying desk (a desk and a chair), articles will be measured and assessed separately with separate fees calculated for each.

Payment methods

The only acceptable terms are cash payment in advance at pick up location. We do not accept cash on delivery.

  • If you wish to use our payment on delivery service, you need to conclude a corporate contract with us. Please contact us for details.

Articles requiring special attention

The following are examples of products you should be particularly careful with.

Type Examples: Acceptable condition
PC, AV, consumer electronics, etc. Personal computers
Multifunction printers
Plotters, etc.
In some cases of large articles such as those for business use, we may not be able to transport your articles.
Please contact us for details.
LCD television sets
Copy machines, etc.
Furniture, bedding, etc. Beds: Up to queen size
Water beds: When the water is removed in advance
Bunk bed, Loft bed, etc. Only when it can be disassembled.
Disassembly and assembly services are available for separate fee.
Electric bed
(including nursing beds)
Special beds for medical treatment, etc.
Musical instruments Guitars,
Keyboards, etc.
Excluding valuables and articles that are easily damaged
Vehicles Senior cars
Electric carts
Electric bicycles
Articles with batteries have to be safe with no risks of leakages of liquid or catching fire.
Buddhist altar fittings
Buddhist altars All of the accessories have to be packed by the customer.
Dog cages
Portable toilets, etc.
Have to be newly bought and unopened.
Or unused and packed in the box it came with at the time of purchase.
  • There may be cases in addition to the above when we can or cannot transport your articles depending on various conditions. Please contact us for details.

Main products that cannot be transported

The following products cannot be transported with our large furniture and major appliance transportation services.

Type Examples: Reason:
Articles that are easily damaged Glassware (showcases, large-sized tables of 140cm or more, a large water tanks, etc.)
Marble products (of 140cm or more)
Doll cases (and dolls)
Antique furniture, and other products pursuant to the above
Since we do not have the equipment required for transportation of the articles above
Works of art
Pictures, calligraphic works, jars, folding screens, precious metals
Irreplaceable articles, and other products pursuant to the above
Precision tools Drafters (drafting stands)
Pianos (grand pianos, upright pianos, electronic organs, antique pianos)
PC servers
Medical appliances (machines), and other products pursuant to the above
Other Parts of vehicles (bumpers, mufflers, bonnets, etc.)
Vehicles, such as motorcycles
Garden plants, garden stones, food, and other products pursuant to the above
  • There may be cases in addition to the above when we can or cannot transport your articles depending on various conditions.

Transport insurance

Type Rate Insurance
Common household articles Common household articles
For every article with the fair market price of 10,000 yen
20 yen
  • The minimum premium per Shipping Label is 50 yen.
  • The premium has to be paid when we come to collect the article to be insured (together with the transportation fee).
  • Insurance is optional but we strongly recommend you to insure your valuables.

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